How does a mobile website differ from a smartphone app?


Compared to creating a mobile website, an app for smart phones is a costly and time-consuming exercise. An app can only be downloaded onto a compatible smartphone. A mobile website is viewed through any mobile device with a browser. Like an app, you can add your mobile website to the home page of your phone. It can then be accessed with the push of a button.


Who accesses websites from mobiles phones?


Australia is leading the world in smartphone usage. Currently, over 80% of people (and rising) using a smart phone do so to access the web. Since less than 10% of all websites are designed to be mobile friendly, now is the time to take action. Time to stand out.


What is the difference between a website and a mobile website?


Most websites are built to be viewed from a desktop computer. Reading and navigating that same site from a smartphone is often difficult. Regular websites give a complete overview with all the bells and whistles. A mobile website gives only the important details designed to be viewed on the go.


How will my customers benefit from a mobile website?


Mobile websites are fast to load, user-friendly and easy to navigate. When users are forced to wait for a difficult website they usually exit immediately, unlikely to return. How much business could this be costing you?


Will the mobile website look like my desktop website?


No and it shouldn't. A mobile website is a condensed version of your regular website with easy to navigate buttons essential for use with mobile devices. It contains key information your customer needs when they are on the move. ie. contact details, opening hours and GPS location mapping. It will have the same colours and logo as your existing website, creating a uniform look for your brand.


What will happen if someone searches my website from a smartphone?


Accessing your website through a smartphone will automatically redirect to the mobile version. If they do a search on their desktop they will be presented with the regular website.


How long can the process take to design a mobile website?


Depending on your requirements, Mobile M8 aim to get you up and running within two weeks. Mobile M8 will remain in contact with you providing updates and testing to ensure you are completely satisfied throughout the development and implementation process.



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